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Monday, April 8, 2013

Ugh... Monday Morning!

Well… what do you know it’s Monday morning and another week has begun in earnest!  I awoke this morning with a headache.  Not necessarily the best way to start off another set of weekdays.  After I got the coffee brewing this morning I slowly sauntered into the study and tried really hard to find some scriptures that would set me off into the depths of the Word that I usually enjoy each and every morning.  Today was different though.  I have had a lot on my mind lately, not the least of which being the loss of my beloved Aunt late last week.

My Aunt Kakie was a wonderful woman with a giving and loving heart.  She was my Mom’s only sister, the wife of a strong and confident, yet very giving man, my uncle Anthony, and the mother of four lovely girls, with numerous grandchildren and great grandchild who will joyfully carry on the Lano family traditions.  Through the years I have countless memories of all the family gatherings, softball games, Christmas videos, friendly arguments over the Giants and Dodgers (as my cousins were die-hard Dodger fans and our family were Giants fans!) that we shared with her family.  I also have fond remembrances as an adult, when my Aunt and I and my wife would share things about the Lord.  I am confident that she is sitting next to Jesus right now along with Uncle Anthony, my Mom and my grandparents… and if I know them, it is most likely a noisy gathering as they share a large Italian meal, laugh and keep saying “Mangia! Mangia!” (ie; eat, eat!)
Yesterday morning was also a difficult time as I was experiencing strong feelings of concern and a certain degree of helplessness over my wife’s declining desire to eat.  But you know?  The Lord knows exactly what we need when we need it!  After I had gotten her ready for the day, she and I sat at the kitchen table and participated in the live stream of the 3rd Sunday morning service at the church where my daughter and her husband attend in Oklahoma.  At one point after the praise and worship service the Pastor was up in front talking and he shared about a youth gathering and paint ball activity that they had at his and his wife’s home in the country near Broken Arrow.  Then he put up a picture on the screen of a group photo of the event.  As I looked over the group, my heart jumped as I saw JoAnna and Jeremiah standing on one end of the group picture.  As part of the Youth leadership team, they had participated in the event.
I jumped up from my seat and pointed to their image and yelled to Piper, “There’s JoAnna and Jeremiah!”  I don’t know why, but that image some 1800 miles away from our house of an event that had taken place on the previous day just made my day!  It was like we were suddenly all together doing one of the things that we enjoy most, working with youth in the local church!  I texted JoAnna later in the morning to let her know that we had seen the photo and she related about the “blast” they had at the activity and also that the Pastor’s wife had asked about us as she was aware that we have been viewing their services online!
The church had a guest speaker yesterday and the message he gave was precisely what I needed to hear to get my heart and soul re-adjusted and refocused on the answers in the Word rather than on the difficult times that my wife has temporarily been experiencing.
Once again… Isn’t God good!  He’s always there and always knows what we need.  My old favorite and always reliable verse in Philippians 4:19 comes to mind at times like this.  Here the Apostle Paul confidently declares that “My God shall supply ALL your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (KJV)  Whether it be a picture sent electronically over the internet to brighten your day, a direct word from the Lord, a phone call from a friend, or any other seemingly unrelated experience, the Lord WILL always meet your need if you believe Him for it!
I finally did find some scripture this morning that brought me into the depths of God’s love for me today.  It was in Psalm 128 where the Lord assured me that my wife “will certainly eat what your own hands have provided.”  (verse 2 – God’s Word ©).  Then He went on to comfort me as He accurately described my wife, her life and her relationship to me and our kids through verse three.  
I walked out of the study later in the morning with a hop in my step, peace in my heart and without a headache!  I reached out to Him and Him reciprocated through His Word with a word just for me… and He’ll do the same for you, whenever you need it!  Give it a shot.  It will be the best energy boost you’ve ever had!  Have a great day.  Stay in tune to His Word, and keep asking yourself… “What am I expecting today?”

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