Our New Home!

Our New Home!
The sun sets on our first full week in Oklahoma!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Yesterday was sort of a rough day as it seemed like the physical and emotional tiredness of the move finally caught up with me.  Then I received a bit of disturbing news about how some folks were thinking of our move as a bad turn in life.  That one caught me by surprise as I can only see good things ahead for us.  But now that I think about it, these same individuals still feel that way about our move to Oklahoma a few years back!  My attempts to talk about all the miracles that came out of that period of time have always fallen on deaf ears!  
I was still fighting off being frustrated and was a little hot around the collar over the whole thing when I went to bed, but then I read from Barclay’s commentary on I Corinthians where he stated that “Faith without love is cold, and hope without love is grim” and “that Christian love never becomes exasperated with people.  Exasperation is always a sign of defeat.” (William Barclay, The Letters to the Corinthians pgs 143 & 148)
Those words immediately turned my thoughts off of myself and onto the need in the lives of those who see things differently than we do.  With that I was able to lay my head back on my pillow and pray for them and turn all my feelings of exasperation back to the Lord… again!  Have you noticed how certain things that bug you sometimes seem to pop up when you are physically worn out?
This morning I personalized Ephesians 5:9 and read it as: “For My light in you, for you, through you as well as on you, produces everything that is good, that has God’s approval and all that is true.”  I realized that the news I heard last night was simply an attempt to get my eyes off the light of God’s love in the midst of His anointed plan for our lives! 
So today I move forward with new light, with greater expectations and with more faith and strength to see us through our physical move.  I also am able to envision the Lord working His love in the lives of those that may, at times, exasperate me!  Who knows… maybe my experiences last night and this morning just might minister to someone who reads this today!  Have a great day.  Stay in tune to His Word, and keep asking yourself… “What or Whom am I expecting today?”

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