Our New Home

Our New Home
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rising to the Heights… pt 2

Today was one of those days that just started out pretty well!  I had a strong sense of the love of God filling the atmosphere in our bedroom as I confessed our morning healing scriptures over my wife and was able to help get her changed without any hiccups… a couple of days ago I mistakenly shoved both of her legs into one leg of her jogging pants… then I couldn’t figure out why it was so hard to get them pulled up!

Once we got to the breakfast table she consumed her meds and a bit of breakfast without much difficulty and my first sip of coffee tasted like I had made it just right!  So when I saddled up the dog (ie; put on his lease…) to take him out for his morning responsibilities, I was feeling pretty happy and rejoiced at the goodness of God!

As Fiver did his thing, I stood in the quiet of the warm morning and took a slow panoramic view of our yard as the sun began breaking through the clouds that had covered the skies when I first got up.  Once again I could not help but thank God for His faithfulness and love that He demonstrated to us by our ability to find the land we now own.  

As my gaze went upward toward the amazing shade of deep blue that was pushing away the overcast, I was reminded of something I read the other day from one of my all-time favorite books on the subject of healing, “Christ the Healer” by F.F. Bosworth.  The author of the book, which is basically a collection of sermons that he preached and put together into a manuscript in the mid 1920’s stated that “the Bible doesn’t say that God is power but thatGod is love.’  (Therefore) It is not faith in God’s power that secures His blessings but faith in His love and in (the knowledge of) His will.” (pg 74)

The reality of that statement was nothing new to me as learning about the love that Papa God has for my wife and I has been one of the greatest foundations that we have come to intimately understand and depend on during the 9+ years of this journey with my wife’s health.  But it was the way that he stated the remark that caused me to stop and think… and then break into a long session of praise and thanksgiving unto God.

So when I look at my wife’s tormented body, I am not hoping for God’s power to deliver her, but find myself full of expectancy in His love for her having the final say-so in her life!  I find that when I dwell on His love for her and for me, that the anger of what the devil has done to her and the very real fear of losing her tends to melt away in the warm embrace of His intimate compassion for us.

Therefore, when I look around our property, like I did this morning, I do not just enjoy the scenery, but I cannot help but break forth into praise and thanksgiving as I see that this is all a part of His divinely perfect plan for us right now!  So, as I began to break out in praise while Fiver and I climbed up the three steps to our deck, I suddenly had to stop and smile when I looked up over our roof and spotted the place where two recent contrails from passing jets crisscrossed making a rather large white X over our home!

And all I could think at that moment was “X marks the spot!  The spot where the love, faithfulness and grace of God resides!”  Wow!  He not only reminded me of His love this morning, but He also marked it with a giant X in the sky for all to see!  I like the BIG way that God thinks… don’t you!  After all if you remember, Ephesians 3:20 announces that “God can do anything, you know – far more than we can ever imagine, or guess, or request in our wildest dreams!” (The Message)

So I encourage you again today to focus your attention on God’s love and not be distracted by anything or any other thoughts… for who knows… you may walk outside sometime and see His giant X of approval over your home!  Have a great rest of the week, and as you do, keep asking yourself… “What or Whose LOVE am I expecting to dwell on today (and every other day as well!)?”

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