Our New Home

Our New Home
Fall is in the air!

Saturday, February 4, 2017


I have to admit that I am really enjoying our new vehicle.  I originally thought that it would be very difficult for me to sell our Mustang GT convertible and get used to a "normal" car again… but I have found the opposite to be true! 

Every time I look at our new Chevy Equinox I see potential… potential for all the places we can go in that vehicle, potential of all the things we can carry in that car like trees for the garden, bags of soil for the raised bed frames I purchased last summer, wood for some of the projects I’ve been dreaming about, our 62lb pooch and most of all, Piper’s custom tilt chair so that I can move her around not only in style, but in well-supported comfort!

But it dawned on me the other day that none of that would have been possible if we had never gone to the Chevrolet dealer and began a conversation about the possibilities of purchasing another vehicle.  Have you ever considered that much of what you have today came about because you started a conversation with yourself, with someone else, or with Papa God?  My definition of "what you have” consists not only of the tangible things and/or physical assets in your possession, but also your attitude, your level of faith, your expectations and your relationships with others.

Whenever I think back about the early days of my relationship with Piper back in high school, I can’t help but smile because she was always SO easy to talk with!  I had hung out with a few (and I emphasize “few”) girls before Piper but none were as easy to be around as Piper.  We could and literally did converse with each other for hours each and every day.

I could probably say that she would state the same thing about me as we found ourselves sharing some of our most personal secrets and thoughts with each other from almost day one!  And through the ensuing 46 plus years of our relationship since then, we have continued to be open and honest with each other… 

We have never considered any other way to communicate with each other but with total sincerity, honesty, love and truth!  That open and honest communication has led us to follow the various leadings of the Lord as a strong team that’s been united in faith and purpose throughout the years.

I also discovered that our communications with Papa God have not only led us to follow His plans, but that they also allow the Lord to work in and through us unto others as well as in ourselves and our family.  I was studying Mark 16:20 again the other day where it declares that the Lord works with and confirms His Word “with the miraculous signs that accompany it” (God’s Word ©) and I went on a rabbit trail that led me to Acts 4:29-30.   

This portion of scripture shares a prayer that the early disciples of Christ prayed after some of them endured rough persecution for their faith.  They asked the Lord: “that with all boldness we may speak thy word that (through it) thou might stretch forth thy hand so that healings and signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy servant Jesus.” (a combination of the KJV and Jubilee Bible – parenthesis mine) 

I was stunned for a moment when I read this in the Jubilee Bible, for when I read it I understood that Papa God is able to work His mighty miracles through our speaking of His Word.  So therefore, our conversations with ourselves and with others can literally release the miracle working power of God when we include His Words of truth and love!  Like WOW!  That puts a whole new spin on the power of our words… doesn’t it?

Luke’s descriptive phrase “with boldness” infers that the one speaking out God’s Word does so with confidence (or expectation) and assurance that Papa God will do whatever the particular Word that is being spoken promises. (See Strong's)  In other Words, His Word spoken through our lips must be spoken out with faith and no doubt for “Faith assures us the things we expect…” (Hebrews 11:1 God’s Word ©)

So… think about the power of your conversation with yourself and others.  I know that this thought definitely makes me more aware and selective of the words I speak… How about you?  It seems that our conversations, therefore, have the ability to bless or curse and have the potential to cause good and expected results… or others that are not so positive!  So… What are you going to talk about this weekend?

Have a great weekend, and as you do, keep asking yourself… “What or Who’s power am I expecting to release through my conversations today?”

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