Our New Home!

Our New Home!
The sun sets on our first full week in Oklahoma!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Prescription Glasses

I was thankful this morning as I arose from my bed.  I was thankful that my wife had a quiet night’s rest.  Thankful because that meant that I also got a decent night’s rest as well.  Maybe that’s a selfish way to look at it, but sleep deprivation is not a fun thing to live with!  I don’t like it because it tends to make me cranky, a little less positive on my outlook on life, and not quite as joyful or loving as I need to be.  It also makes it easier to look with a critical eye at my wife rather than at the disease and the one behind it, when I am called upon to go a bit beyond in my care for her.  And I have to tell you, I HATE finding myself upset with her!
I had to smile in recognition this morning as I continued my study in the book of Matthew.  In the beginning of chapter seven, Jesus teaches us that we need to “Stop judging others so that you will not be judged… The standards you use for others will be applied to you.”  (God’s Word ©)  Those words caused me to recall a major point that Pastor Mike Goolsbay from Destiny Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma made yesterday.  He encouraged his congregation to “Look at yourself and others through the lenses of God’s mercy and love.”  That’s like wearing prescription glasses with the perfect magnification!
I smiled because it makes sense, that if you follow those simple instructions you will also find yourself adhering to Jesus’ teaching as well!  It also served to encourage me that even if I am dog tired, I still can be loving, gentle and giving with my wife, or anyone else for that matter, because I am looking at them the same way that Papa God sees them… with uncompromising grace and unfailing live.  No questions asked… only and always His grace and His love!
That kinda puts a different spin on the way we do things each day doesn’t it?  No matter what happens, no matter how others may speak to you or treat you, you are always in control, always steady, always the same because you are motivated by His grace and His love and not according to someone else’s actions!  That thought gives me real peace and stability.  How about you?  Give it a try!  Have a great week, stay in tune to His Word and keep asking yourself… “What or Who’s GRACE and LOVE am I expecting today?”

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