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Our New Home
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Monday, September 26, 2016

What's Your Story?

With the recent changes in my wife’s medications schedule, I have not been able to get my morning Bible study in before I help her up for the day.  I am up a few more times during the night to assist her and we now get up earlier in order to meet the adjusted schedule.  Therefore I still get up before her but only have time to get ready for the day, take the dog out, get the coffee brewing and prepare everything in the dining room for her arrival! Then once she is up and dressed, has taken her morning meds and starts to enjoy a little breakfast, I can hit the books while she nods off to catch a few more winks!

I have to admit that it feels a bit funny not to have some Word before I attend to my wife’s needs, but then it’s not like we normally have to rush off anywhere, so I am still getting my morning “vitamins” before the day really starts off!  There have been a few times though, like this morning, where I could tell the difference…

While Piper was seated on the edge of the bed and I was helping her to get dressed, you know who… yep, the pooch, decided that he had to be involved in the action and squeezed in between Piper and I and the other bed!  And not only did he want to lay there, he wanted to let Piper know of his affection for her by licking her hands, her leg and any other part of her he could reach!

So, you get the picture of the scene that was unfolding… and to make matters even more confusing was that Piper was kind of weak this morning and wanted to roll off the bed onto the floor!  So, there I am trying to get my wife dressed while holding her up and pushing the dog away at the same time!  At that point I began to feel the “steam” rising up inside of me and I immediately started to wish that I had gotten some encouragement from the Word BEFORE I started this adventure!  But thank the Lord that I keep a spiritual reserve in place and was able to renounce the frustration and that urge to get upset, speak of His praises and laugh it off!

But as soon as I had Piper set up at the table, I could hardly wait to sit down with the Lord!  When I glanced over to my Bible study note book which I keep open on the table it was like a pressure release valve as I read: “Wake me each morning with the sound of your loving voice… Point out the road I must travel; I’m all ears; all eyes before you.” (Psalm 143:8 The Message Bible)  The sense of His gentle, sweet, melodic voice speaking to me must have been like when Jesus was in the boat and spoke to the wind and the waves that were beating against the vessel and there was an instant calm!

Suddenly the frustration and inner steam seamed to melt away in the presence of His calming, refocusing voice!  It was like order was instantly reinstated in our home!  Nothing else seemed to be important anymore.  His voice, His direction and His peace was all I heard.  Suddenly I was all ears and all eyes before Him.  The Bible in Basic English refers to this as “the story of His mercy (or loving kindness) coming to us in the morning!”

His Word in the morning is the story that replaces any other story that is being told at the moment!  His story overrode the story line that was being written in our bedroom earlier in the day!  His story is a time proven classic that surpasses events, feelings or bad reports!  It is the ONLY story that I want to lead me throughout each and every day!  It is the ONLY story that brings daily peace, clear guidance and a joy that results in strength for anything we may have to face.

What was the story that He gave to you this morning?  Are you allowing that story to be your guide in the midst of everything you have to do today?  I sure hope so… for it is the ONLY story that will bring a happy ending to your efforts and activities.  

Have a great day!  And as you do, keep asking yourself… Whose story am I expecting to be a character in today?

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