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Our New Home
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Visions of Light

I realized this morning that I really look forward to and enjoy writing this blog for all of you who take time from your busy schedules to read it!  I have always enjoyed sharing the Word… which, I guess, would explain why I’ve been teaching It since before Piper and I tied the knot back in 1975.  I can’t help but get excited each day as I spend time in the Word and receive the Lord’s instruction, insight and revelations.  Then I can hardly wait to share it with my readers in our blog!  So… hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!  Piper’s and my daily prayer is that the Lord would supernaturally make a way, with each post, to get its words of encouragement into the hands of anyone, anywhere in the world who may need it on that particular day.

Today was one of those days where I knew early on what I was supposed to write about.  In Isaiah 58:8 the Prophet is telling the Israelite's that as they stay committed and obedient to the Lord that their “light (shall) break forth as the morning and thine health shall spring forth speedily…” (KJV)  Well, Piper and I have taken this verse, personalized it and made it to be one of the regulars we speak over her multiple times a day.  

This verse has special significance for Piper’s specific needs as it talks about God’s promise concerning the “light” of her understanding.  Among the many things that this word describes, it also means “The power of understanding, reason and mind.”  (Thayer’s)  So we claim it as God’s will for the healing of her mind!  In particular we thank the Lord that “The light of Piper’s cognitive, mental reasoning and understanding has broken forth as the morning dawn, and her health is springing forth speedily.”

As I spoke this out this morning I realized that the picture that this verse paints is the one that we see of her right now… not in the future, but right now.  Remember faith is always in the present tense.  Hebrews 11:1 teaches us that “Now faith is…” (KJV)  I personally like the way that the God’s Word © translation puts it by telling us that faith assures of the things that we are (actively) expecting and that it convinces us of the things we are believing for that we cannot yet see.  Therefore we see Piper in the “light” or illumination of this Holy Spirit inspired truth.

I have a reoccurring dream that I have been having for numerous years now.  I might even go so far as to call it a vision as I not only repeatedly dream it, but I have also seen in on multiple occasions within my mind’s eye during the day as I go about my activities.  

In it I see Piper standing to the right of a pulpit from the congregation’s point of view, sharing the testimony of her healing.  In the vision I see it from behind her, so I assume that I must be up on the platform with her.  She is leaning with her right arm resting on the pulpit and speaking to the audience.  The exciting part is that as she speaks, the pitch of her voice gets higher and higher as the anointing of God comes stronger and stronger upon her.  This was a unique trait of Piper’s preaching over the years that I first noticed at one of the water ski weekend retreats we did at a lake a few hours away from our home town with our first youth group in the late 1970’s.

At that time Piper’s was preaching to the youth, college career participants, adult sponsor’s and the boat owners in a large gazebo while I held on to and rocked our first newborn son in the open area next to the gazebo.  It was really fun to watch her go into action as she started out quietly and then began to turn up the excitement and volume as she shared an encouraging word with the group… and like I said, the more she talked the higher her voice went!

In my vision I see the congregation responding along with her as their visible and audible excitement becomes more and more animated in step with her.  Then the power falls and people begin to receive physical, mental and emotional healings right there in the pews.  People begin to shout, others dance and a few take off running around the room.  And then… well… that’s where it stops and if I am in bed I wake up!

Now, I’ve also had other visions and dreams of a healed Piper actively participating in life again, but this one is always more vibrant and bright than any of the others.  I think that part of the reasoning behind this is because the Lord wants me focus on Piper’s life in the light of the promises of His Word, and preaching His Word is what we have done together since the earliest days of our budding relationship.

John 1:9 gives us a little more insight into this truth saying “That word (referencing Jesus as described in John 1:1) was the true LIGHT, which LIGHTENS every man that comes into  this world.” (Jubilee Bible)  Therefore it seems to make sense that we Christians should greatly desire to view everything around us within the vision of His light on the situation.  What do you think about that?  Is that how you see things happening around you?  What vision are you holding onto today for your future tomorrow?

As for me and my wife… we are choosing to view life with the vision of His LIGHT for us as established in His Word!  How about you?  Will you join us in that endeavor?  Have a great rest of the week, and as you do, keep asking yourself… “Whose LIGHT am I expecting to envision the events of my life with today?”

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