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Our New Home
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


For as long as I can remember, I have been a list maker.  This little habit became a life-saver, or maybe better said, the most effective wrench in my management toolbox during my twenty year career at Hewlett Packard/Agilent Technologies.  I quickly got into the habit of always taking the time at the end of each day to write my “To Do List” for the next day.  The effectiveness of this routine became especially evident when I moved from the swing shift to days where the ever increasing array of phone calls, meetings, production emergencies and other interruptions were the norm for the shift!
Over the years I have continued this tradition in every area of my life.  In my current role as a 24 hour caregiver, it helps to keep me focused, on track and motivated as well as compelling me to keep moving forward when I find myself dealing with exhaustion or the temptation to give up.  Yesterday’s list seemed a bit overwhelming and when I walked into the kitchen first thing in the morning, I found myself thinking about how I didn’t feel like doing any of it and could easily push it off to the next day!
As I immersed myself in the Word though, I began to have a different outlook on the day and was able to see myself accomplishing many of the items on the list.  Besides all the regular duties of the day, we needed to visit a couple of stores and join the line at the local DMV in order to get the title and registration for our new Mustang. 
As we drove away from the licensing DMV a couple of hours later, I was suddenly over-taken in awe of the workings of the Lord in our lives!  The reality of how much He does for us in preparation for everything on my daily list is simply amazing.  The registration and title process ended up costing us about twice as much as I had estimated but yet it was not a problem as the Lord had put it on my mind to transfer some more money into our checking account just before we had left… and that amount was the EXACT amount we needed to complete the transaction!
Now that may not seem like a big deal to some folks, but we have been continually reminded of how much He has been a part of our journey over these last six years.  Later in the day as I checked off items on my “To Do List” I again became overwhelmed with thanksgiving and praise for His faithfulness to us.  I had to stop what I was doing and throw up my hands and raise my voice in worship of Him!  Again, He proved that our obedience to Him and His word had proven true.
2 Samuel 22:31 tells us that “This God – his way is perfect.  The word of the Lord proven true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.” (English Standard Version)  I am humbled and simply speechless when I consider how many times this has come true to us since we choose to follow His word instead of the advice of man.  At one point yesterday, I could only but shake my head at how the seemingly good advice (so they thought…) given by some, would have miserably failed the test of time whereas His Word has stood the test and has blessed us beyond measure.
The Moffatt translation states the last line of that verse as: “…he shields all who take shelter with him.”  The word “with” has made all the difference to us!  We do not just take shelter under His care, but we do it WITH Him.  He has made it His personal interest to be WITH us throughout the ordeals, events and the ups and downs of our lives.  The more I confess the Word over my wife throughout each day, the more I realize that this Word is His presence with us at that very moment.
Those who gave us what proved to be negative advice pulled away from us when we needed them the most, but God has drawn ever closer to our every move, our every need, and to our every breath!  And you know what?  That makes me want above anything else, to continually draw closer to Him throughout my day!  How about you?  Are you finding His way to be the perfect way for your life?  Are you making the awesome discovery that His Word is being proven true for you?  And have you realized that He is actively participating in every word, every thought and every action of the moments of your life WITH you?
Have a great day!  Draw ever closer in tune to Him and His Word for you, and keep asking yourself.. “What or Whom am I expecting to be WITH me today?

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