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Our New Home
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Monday, October 6, 2014

He Alone...

It never ceases to amaze me how much the Lord knows just what we need when we need it most!  My wife had a restless night’s sleep on Saturday which meant that I had one as well.  But even though I woke up tired, I was pleased that I had repeatedly spoken the Word through each incident during the long night and each time my wife responded by relaxing and going back to sleep!

Sunday morning started out well.  I had a profitable time in the Word and together we enjoyed a terrific church service.  Later in the morning as I was assisting my wife, I noticed that she was weaker than normal, probably due to the events of the night.  When you add to that my being tired, well… let’s just say that the morning’s activities got a little longer and more difficult than is usual.

When the opportunity finally presented itself, I was able to plop down at the kitchen table and relax for a moment or two.  But that was quick lived as I heard the Lord say: “Get up and go out for a walk!”  So I put another vest on my wife as it was cooler outside, grabbed the dog’s lease and we headed out.  My plan of staying home and watching a few football games began to change once we stepped into the beautifully crisp morning atmosphere.
When we got home the Lord said: “Okay, pack the camera and go for a ride.”  By then my enthusiasm was beginning to build – you know me… get me outside and I am a changed man!   Therefore we gave the dog a bone to chew on and headed to the garage.  I considered putting the top down on the Mustang but it was a bit too cool and the wind was blowing.  Instead we put the windows down, started the engine, sat in the garage and enjoyed the sweet rumble of the V8, finally backed out and drove off into the sunlit beauty of the day!
And what a day it was.  We headed off to the town of Apex again as there was a park I wanted to check out.  Once we got to the old downtown area I heard a train whistle blowing, so I circled back to a quiet place near the tracks and reached for my camera in the back seat.  That was a pleasure that I haven’t experienced for quite a while now.  I can hardly remember the last time I took off with my camera in hand only being led by the inspiration in my mind's eye.
After the train passed, I moved to the middle of the tracks and shot the scenes of the double set of rails leading off into town on one side, and disappearing into the trees on the other.  Then I walked back to the car clicking off the views all around including the two light green water towers filling the horizon in either direction.  It was a great day!
After the photo session, I did take the top down as we drove down the narrow main street in the historic area.  It wasn’t as busy as the other times we came through.  Most of the people yesterday were sitting at tables on the sidewalk in front of one the café’s.  I spotted an old looking bookstore and added a stop there to our “have to visit” list.
Like I mentioned earlier though, it really was a little too cool for the top to be down and I didn’t want Piper to get cold.  But the brisk air worked its magic and Piper sat up alert and interested in the views through the windows of the car even after I put the top back up!
Isaiah 26:4 tells us to “Trust the Lord always, because the Lord (and) the Lord alone, is an everlasting rock.” (God’s Word ©)  Well… I have to say that we trusted Him to turn things around for us yesterday and He did just what this scripture says that He will do in response to our actions of faith in Him and His Word!  He and He alone was the only one who knew that a ride in our new car was just what was called for.  He and He alone knew how the car that He provided just for us would be the perfect conduit for His love, for His peace and for His restoration to our tired bodies, emotions while rekindling the determination to see His plans and purposes for us through to the end!
And believe me when I declare that He KNOWS YOU just as well!  He and He alone knows exactly what makes you click.  He knows you better than you know yourselves!  He and He alone is the One that can truly and fully satisfy your deepest needs and desires.  All He needs is the opportunity to work a blessing in your life.  Maybe today is the day for you to yield your plans over to Him “because the Lord (and) the Lord alone is YOUR everlasting rock.”  Have a good week ahead.  Stay in tune to His Word, and keep asking yourself… “What or Whom am I expecting to know and do for me what NO ONE else can today?”

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