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Monday, July 27, 2015

Opinionated People...

Do you know anybody that always seems to have an OPINION on everything?  I think we all have come across individuals like that.  I’ve sure met my share of them over the last six years as I’ve conversed with them concerning the course to follow when it comes to the battle for my wife’s health.  At times I have had to shake my head in disbelief as it quickly becomes apparent that many of them have very little basis of truth for their thoughts.
It just so happens that the very first meaning for the word OPINION in Dictionary.com is “A belief or judgement that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.”  I sometimes wonder if these folks really hear what is coming from their lips!  And like I have stated many times, it definitely throws me for a loop when some good Christian folks we know completely disregard what the bible clearly declares about God’s purposes, abilities and love for my wife and her chances at a healthy, long and blessed life and side with what medical science says about her future.
The King James Version states Colossians 3:2 as “Set your affections on things above…”  According to Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries, the thought behind this action describes someone’s ability “to exercise their mind, that is to have an OPINION.”  Here the usage of “OPINION would be consistent with the second meaning described in Dictionary.com as “The formal expression of a professional judgement, as in the case of the Law where a judge or court defines the reasoning concerning the principles of law used in reaching a decision on a case.”
Following this line of thought we see that Paul is telling his readers to form an OPINION, in this case, that is always based on “things above,” according to the professional judgement of Papa God and His laws in the court room of the kingdom of God as plainly declared in His written Word.  Paul further describes our lives as being “hidden with Christ.”  In other words, when people see and hear us… they should be hearing and seeing Jesus… not us and our own personal (worldly based or personally experienced) OPINION on any subject, situation or need.
I got to test this course of action this morning right after reading about it in the Word!  When I sat down on the floor next to my wife’s side of the bed to start off the day by speaking His Word of truth over her and her needs, I found myself verbally confessing that we were lining up our OPINION of Piper’s health in agreement with God’s Word, and spoke out the scriptures with that declaration in mind.
Then a few minutes later as I was helping her to get ready, it was as if she was resisting my efforts the whole time!  When I attempted to remove some items she would hold onto my hand inhibiting my efforts.  When I went to slide her arm into the sleeve of her sweater she would spread open her hand to impede the process!  She would hold things down when I tried to pull them up… but you know… I had the Word and its understanding in me and I was not about to let the circumstances affect our stand on His truth.
So, how did I handle it?  I just smiled, laughed and kept reminding the enemy of our souls that we already had the victory because we were aligned with God’s OPINION on her health and on my ability to successfully help her get ready this morning!  (Although, I did rip a hole in the waistband of her old jogging pants when I got a little too exuberant in the process!)
After everything we’ve been through over the last six years, after everything I have seen going on in my wife, withstanding some very insensitive, discouraging words and corresponding actions from some I thought I could trust, and the painful awareness of what medical science says about my wife’s condition, I have come to the point that the only OPINION that matters to me is Papa God’s!
What about you?  What or Who’ OPINION matters most to you?  Who’s OPINION do you side with when the negative situations arise in your life?  Who’s OPINION do you share with others in need?  I would challenge you this week to consider that thought before you open your mouth in response to someone!  Have a great week.  Stay in tune to His Word, and keep asking yourself… “What or Who’s OPINION am I expecting to share and receive today?”

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