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Our New Home
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Better Than The Fireworks Shows!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful, safe and sound Fourth of July this last weekend.  We had somewhat of a quiet weekend, experiencing more fireworks – per say – inside the house than on the outside!
I have mentioned in past blogs about some of the adventures that we have been having with the red and black crickets (I thought) in our home this summer.  With the onset of the warmer weather, the bugs have come out in force and have far exceeded the amount we saw last year.  It got to the point to where I had gotten up around 2:00 in the morning on a couple of days a week or so ago, only to find the counters around the kitchen sink looking like it was a cricket convention!  So I finally talked to the gals in the office and set an appointment for the exterminator to make an appearance at our apartment.
My first surprise was when I showed the gentleman a couple of the dead bugs that I had saved.  He informed me that they were not crickets as I had assumed but cockroaches… big palmetto bug – American cockroaches!  I had seen cockroaches hiding in the old organ we had gotten from a work friend for Piper and JoAnna in Oklahoma, but they were nothing like these fellas.  So, he spent a few minutes spraying around the entrance ways, bathrooms and kitchen and then left.
But alas… it didn’t seem to have worked as the population of bugs did not go down during the week.  I finally went out in between the thunderstorms on Friday and bought some Raid spray.  That evening I sprayed all around the locations throughout the house where I had seen the bugs while making sure that it was out of the range of the dog’s tongue.  By the next morning when Mandie got me up to go outside around 6:45, I had forgotten all about it… until Mandie stopped to sniff a couple of dead bugs near the patio door.
Then when we walked back to the bedroom I noticed the fireworks!  The kitchen floor was literally covered in dead cockroaches!  By the time I swept them all up I had counted over 25 of the species.  I wasn’t sure if I should have been disgusted or rejoice!  The next day we found a few more in the kitchen and today we discovered four in the bedroom.  When I told the story to some locals they simply smiled and said: “Welcome to North Carolina!”  They also warned me of the need to keep up my persistence or they’ll come right back!  So yeah… I guess you could say that we had a not necessarily fun but productive weekend…
Piper woke up this morning with glimpses of that old funny spontaneity that has always marked her sparkling personality.  She opened up her eyes rather quickly as I greeted her and quietly laid in bed as I spoke out and decreed the Word of life into her.  Then when I came to the last three verses in Jeremiah 1:12, Mark 16:20 and Luke 4:21 where it tells of the Lord performing, working with, confirming and fulfilling the Word in her, she suddenly broke out into a smile and her lips began to quiver in joy and agreement!
That, of course, caused me to pause and smile and I declared: “You believe that don’t you?”  And she just smiled even bigger and gently nodded her head!  Then after I had gotten her in an upright position and sitting on the end of the bed, I started putting her slippers on her.  As I worked to pull on the left shoe she began to lean back so I stopped, reached up behind her back and gently straightened her up and then went back to her slippers.  These actions repeated themselves a few times until I finally noticed a silly little grin on her face… she was doing it on purpose!  You can’t tell me that the Word isn’t working in her!
Colossians 2:10 tells us that “God has made us complete in Christ” (God’s Word ©)  and I firmly believe that it is His process of completion that we are seeing happening in my wife.  We are witnesses of the impossible becoming possible before our very eyes!  Why, that’s a far more spectacular show than any fireworks demonstration that was staged across our country this weekend.  It’s even better than all those dead bugs on our kitchen floor Saturday morning!
What examples of His process of completeness happening in your life have you experienced lately?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments section of this blog!  Papa God earnestly desires to put on a show in your life today.  He wants you to see and experience the satisfying completeness that can only be found in Him!  It’s all to be discovered in His Word… so dig it out and get the Word working for you.  Have a great week.  Stay in tune to His Word, and keep asking yourself… “What or Who’s FIREWORKS am I expecting to personally experience today?”

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