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Our New Home
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Monday, July 17, 2017

NEW to DO!

My wife and I have been watching a series on American history that I had recorded on the 4th of July.  The series was produced for the History Channel a few years ago and covered the growth of our country from the initial landing of the first European settlers through the current century.  I am kind of a history buff and thoroughly enjoyed the program while learning quite a few facts that I didn’t know!

One thing that I noticed early on was that it had a slightly liberal leaning interpretation to its story.  In between the reenactments of various events in history, they had different well-known personalities talk about the general feelings of the time, the political backdrop, or some scientific information to explain the breakthrough technology that was coming out that initiated changes.  These people tended to be Hollywood stars, Democratic leaders or well-known newscasters from the mainline media.

Another thing that became obvious to me was the history that they chose to dwell on, and maybe more importantly, the history they either glanced over or totally left out!  Some of their spins on particular times in our history like the religious impact on the founding of our country and the Civil War and the years following, tended to irritate me a bit, but overall, I enjoyed the program and like I said previously, learned a few tid-bits that I hadn’t heard of before!

One thing which definitely stood out to me though, was how they kept pointing out the pioneering motif of Americans and how we have always been a country that strived to discover new adventures, new unchartered land, new technologies and live a better life.  Of how tough times, tragedies and other afflictions only tended to draw us together in great resolve and bring out the best in us!

While watching the program one night over the weekend, I got up to get something out of the kitchen just as the narrator was once again talking about the pioneering spirit of Americans and I couldn’t help but almost jump for joy when the Lord said quietly to me: “That’s you & Piper!”

And then… it all began to come clearly into my mind.  I saw how I had been dwelling a lot on our past, of how things developed for us with each other, our family and in our ministry involvement over the past forty some years… and how those thoughts gave me nothing but a confused and foggy view of our future.  It is kind of like the experience every time I step outside after a rain storm on a warm summer afternoon… my glasses tend to fog up as soon as they are introduced to the high outside humidity and I can’t hardly see a thing until everything adjusts to its new surroundings beyond the air conditioned house!

Well, it was the Lord telling me that it was time to adjust to our new surroundings!  I remember hearing that small still voice deep inside me saying that “You can’t see your future through the view of your past” and that He had a new future, with a new path for us to follow.  Then of course, He snuck in the truth that instantly stirred me up saying: “Remember you two are PIONEERS, and I have new trails for you to blaze, in a new land, with a fresh anointing to empower you.”

After sharing all this with Piper at breakfast the next day, I slipped into the kitchen to top up my coffee cup and I heard the phrase: “I have NEW for you to DO!”  Well, let me tell you… I have NO idea what it is… but I sure am excited about it!  I seem to sense that He wants me to be praying about it with a clean slate, without the memories of how He/we did it in the past.  This is something new, in a new home, in a new state, with new people who have many different backgrounds, experiences and values than our past involvements on the West Coast.

So it seems a little weird to try to come into prayer without any per-conceived ideas, and with a totally clear mind and conscience that is only motivated by strong expectations of what trails He has for us to follow!  It’s also kind of exciting… wouldn’t you say?  Have you ever been there when the Lord speaks to you and says that He has something totally new for you?  What are your first thoughts?  Do you relish the thoughts of the unknown adventures ahead… or are you like the ones many years ago that never built up the gumption or faith to get into the boat in order to cross the ocean to the new land of unknown adventures?

Does God have NEW for you to DO?  Just saying!

Have a great week ahead, and as you do, keep asking yourself… “What would I expect my reaction to be if the Lord spoke to me and declared that He had NEW for ME to Do for Him?”

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