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Our New Home
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Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Dynamic Duo!

I was a little disappointed this morning when I pulled open the dining room drapes only to discover that the highly anticipated big snow storm did not quite meet the extreme weather forecast that saturated the news for the last few days here in the Triangle area of North Carolina!  As I look out the window right now it has begun to snow again, but according to earlier reports we should have had 3 – 6 inches accumulated on the ground by now… but in reality, have but a few spots of white covering limited areas of our back lawn.  If the current rate of snow continues, we might yet see the lawns covered with a thin layer of the white stuff!

I spent about two hours at the dentist yesterday having a couple of cavities drilled and filled and the coming storm was central point of all the conversations.  I have to admit, that yesterday’s appointment was one of the best experiences I have ever had at the dentist!  Our oldest daughter works in the office and the staff treats Piper and I like we are part of their family.

And speaking of being part of the family… I can’t help but have those same family-feelings of closeness when I enter into fellowship with Papa God through the study of His Word, through earnest and focused times of prayer and also with the moment by moment “quickie” conversations that I have with Him throughout each and every day!  A good example was yesterday’s and today’s morning Bible study time.  

On each day I began by reading Psalm 118:24 from the Message Bible where it states: “This is the very day GOD acted – Let’s celebrate and be festive!”  One of the things that I enjoy about parts of this paraphrase of the bible is how the translator has sought to make the scriptures personally applicable to the modern reader. I also like the uplifting and happy tone of the work.

As I read this verse I couldn’t help but stop and picture all the recent times that Papa God has acted on Piper’s and my behalf… and because of these experiences… I wanted to celebrate and be festive about it!  In the midst of the conversation I had started with Him through the study of this Word, I found myself turning to Psalm 91:16 and comparing it to the first verse I looked at.  This scripture promise declares to the believer: “With a long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.” (KJV)

As with the subject of my previous blog, the first thing that jumped off the page was the word “WILL” and the connection it had to the promise of the verse.  In this particular scripture we learn that this “WILL” is something that Papa God promises to do whereas in the last blog we talked about, the “WILL” in Psalm 118:24 in the King James Version, as speaking of something the believer does.

That thought excited me as I saw that the process of communication is definitely encouraged throughout the Bible.  In other words, our communication and/or relationship with Papa God is not just a one way conversation.  It is actually quite interactive!  There are things that we do and there are things that Papa God does in response to our faith-filled actions.  

In Psalm 118:24 we will to rejoice and be glad, or celebrate and be festive as the contemporary paraphrase of The Message puts it, while in Psalm 91:16 God responds to our trust and rejoicing in Him by promising that He will satisfy us with a long life that is defined by the various parts of His salvation package that Jesus provided for us by His finished work of the cross.  I like that kind of teamwork… don’t you?

That’s one of the benefits of the hospice program that I am already enjoying.  I like the idea of now having a team of experts to help me in the many phases of Piper’s needs.  I don’t feel as alone in this journey as I did before.  Just like I didn’t feel alone when I went to get Piper up this morning…

As I was sitting on my bed across from Piper’s and speaking the Word of healing over her, our dog suddenly jumped up on the bed (this is something that he just discovered that he can do…) and sat down right next to me.  Then as I glanced in his direction, he casually turned his head and looked into my eyes and with a determined look that seemingly said: “We’ll, let’s get this done!”  Then when I finished the morning scripture confessions, I stood up and began to pull off Piper’s covers while he jumped off the bed and commenced his job of licking Piper’s hands and face!  TEAMWORK, right!

Have you ever considered the teamwork aspect in your relationship and/or interactions with Papa God?  With Jesus now seated at the right hand of God interceding for us, we have the role of being His hands, feet and voice in this world.  Together we create times when our natural efforts combine with His super-natural abilities… and when the natural and supernatural combine – BAM! -  Things change for the better, lives are influenced by the grace and glory of God and more of His light shines in our worlds!

Wow!  What a dynamic combination… wouldn’t you agree!  So as you go forth today keep that combo in mind, and be a part of the Dynamic Duo that changes our world for the purposes of heaven!  Have a great weekend.  Stay warm and as you do, keep asking yourself… “Whose TEAM am I expecting to be a dynamic part of today?”

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