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Our New Home
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Monday, January 23, 2017

An Infectious State…

This weekend was a time of deep reflection, strong emotion and prayer for me.  On Friday I initiated a couple of brutally honest discussions with Piper’s hospice nurse and then later in the day with the social worker on the case.  Then throughout the weekend I talked with our kids to update them on their Mom’s health and seek out their all-important-to-me counsel on the situation.  And in-between all of this, Piper and I would slip out into the backyard and frolic with the dog!  

Fiver had a busy day on Sunday as he had to keep track of the next door neighbors who had a house full of guests with lots of kids playing in the front yard!  Then there was the feisty little grey squirrel on the fence that got surprised when the dog came bounding out of the dining room sliding door, caught his scent and quickly chased him across the yard and under the back fence.  It was funny to watch the dog as he seemed to not be able to understand how the squirrel could squeeze under the fence and he couldn’t! 

So this morning as I stood on the back deck watching the sun as it broke over the tall trees in the distance and lit up the trees and shrubs that line our yard, I sipped from my hot cup of coffee and sought the Lord’s wisdom, deeper insight and the confidence and expectation required to walk the walk He is calling me to walk in the days ahead. (See: Ephesians 1:17-18)  At one point the silence was broken by the song of a bird perched high in the trees off to my left.

When I scanned the tree tops I spotted the little bird with his orange and white breast sitting near the top of one of the tallest trees in the yard.  I was amazed at the majesty that seemed to capture the moment.  There was just something magnificent about that little bird triumphantly sitting at the top with a commanding view of his surroundings throughout our country neighborhood.

With all that in mind, I couldn’t help but think about the commanding view point that God must have over the world and especially those of His children and the directions they walk each and every day.  It gave me great peace and a special confidence in knowing that He could see well beyond what my limited understanding and view could deduce from any given situation.  I was also filled with an heavenly warmth as I considered the words of the prayer I prayed over Piper and I first thing this morning that is taken from Colossians 1:11 saying: “Father, Piper and I ask you today to strengthen us by Your glorious, miraculous might with all the vigor and dominion we need to patiently endure everything ahead with joy.”  (Personalized from the God’s Word © translation)

I was especially blessed as I noticed that the manifested exercise of that joy according to Strong’s Concordance is expressed as a “calm delight, cheerfulness and a gladness of heart” that, through my personal experience, eventually prevails over one’s whole countenance.  So no matter what turns up these next few months, I will continually find myself seeking and abiding in His peace, in His strength and in His “calm delight!”

You know… that sounds like it just might be good advice for any of you… no matter what you are facing!  What do you think?  Go ahead… Give it a go today and let God’s kingdom nature be yours each and every day.  Have a good week, and as you do keep asking yourself… “Am I expecting to stay in an infectious state of God given joy that expresses itself in ‘calm delight’ today?”

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