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Our New Home
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Monday, November 14, 2016

Large Experiences!

I realized after Piper and I drove our new SUV into town for sort of a test run with Piper’s custom tilt chair perfectly fitting in the rear cargo area, that I was really enjoying this car!  I thought that I would miss the power, handling, roar of the exhaust and the over-all pizazz of the Mustang, but you know… it was great for then… but this new vehicle is just perfect for us now!

All I need to do with Piper’s chair is to fold the back of the seat down and place it in the car.  Of course it’s heavier than the little transport chair, but I’ll get used to that!  The passenger side door is fairly large and offers easy access for me to help Piper into her new comfy seat!  I can’t tell you how good it felt to me (and I am sure to my wife as well) that she could sit back and actually look around the store wherever we go to shop!  Due to the upright positioning of the little chair, all Piper could see were her legs!  Now, I love to look at her legs… (did I just write that publically?), but enough is enough!  It isn’t good for her neck and shoulders to be bent over like a pretzel when we go out!

Yesterday as we traversed the aisles at our local CVS, I was able to tilt her chair back and she got to enjoy the views that unfolded around us.  I was so excited that I had to tell the cashier (whom we’ve gotten to know over the last year since we’re in there on a weekly basis to pick up prescriptions) all about it.  He even stopped what he was doing so he could come out with us and check out our new wheels!

After we returned home and I stepped out of the driver’s side door, I couldn’t help but pause and look over the vehicle and utter the revelation that “God Knew!”  He “KNEW” that this was the particular vehicle that we needed at this time in our lives.  He “KNEW” that it would be one of the tools that He would provide for us in order to complete each of the tasks that He would have for us to accomplish.

Joshua 1:9 in the Contemporary English Version declares of the Lord, “I’ve commanded you (Jim & Piper… put your name here!), to be strong and brave.  Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged!  (For) I am the Lord YOUR God, and I will be there to help you wherever you go.”  John Wesley’s side notes for this particular verse seemed to put it  into the best perspective for our new adventures with our new vehicle.  He described the Lord’s statement that “I commanded thee” as “I whom thou art obliged to obey.  I who can carry thee through everything I put thee upon (ie; whatever I call or direct you to do): I of whose faithfulness and almighty power thou hast had large experience.”

Before I stepped into the kitchen from the garage, I paused and took one final peek at the amazing gift with its shiny rims and metallic black paint that the Lord had directed and provided for and I had to take a moment to simply thank Him and acknowledge this entire transaction as another of our “Large Experiences” that we’ve had with Him.

He “KNEW” what we needed just as He “KNOWS” what you may need and desire for the adventures ahead that He has planned for you!  Are you ready for a “Large Experience” of God in your life?  Are you ready to step out as you follow His leading with a strong and brave attitude that is determined to trust Him with everything you’ve got?  Are you ready to push on through and put aside any thoughts of fear or discouragement?

Then let’s go… for His best is yet to come  remember He “KNOWS” you better than anybody else, He “KNOWS” your strengths and your dreams as well as the areas in your life that may need a little support.  But most of all, He “KNOWS” that you want to have another “Large Experience” with Him!

I spent some time yesterday afternoon wiping down the car, waxing a few scratches out, removing the front license place holder (since NC only requires a rear plate and I think the ugly square frame detracts from the front lines of the vehicle) and learning the infotainment system.  In the process of it all, I mentioned to my wife that you really don’t get to know a vehicle until you wash and wax it!  Then when I was done, I looked proudly at the finished results sitting there in our driveway and couldn’t help but smile and rejoice!  I figured that I LIKE being a part of Papa God’s “Large Experiences!”  Wouldn’t you agree?

Have a great and large week, and as you do, keep asking yourself… “Whose ‘LARGE EXPERIENCES’ am I expecting to be the recipient of today?”

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