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Our New Home
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Monday, October 24, 2016


Yesterday was a lovely day here in the northeast central region of North Carolina.  We had the pleasure of enjoying the majority of the afternoon in emergency room 10 at the Central Harnett Hospital in the beautiful town of Lillington.  Right after I gave Piper her 2:00 o’clock dosage of one of her meds, she started coughing rather rapidly and her sinuses seemed to go crazy.  Her breathing was labored and she was conjested and even though she eventually began to calm down, I decided to ere on the side of caution and drove the eight miles into Lillington since pneumonia is a major threat to someone in her condition.

Well, as it turns out, the examination and chest X-ray looked good and we were finally released a few hours later.  I mentioned to my cousin later that night that I wasn’t sure if the trip to the hospital wasn’t more for my benefit than for Piper’s!  But I am glad that I took her in and got her checked out.  I am thankful that although this event was a bit scary, that it proved to be nothing too alarming.

Something that I am also thankful for is all the “ARE’s” that I noticed while confessing God’s Word over my wife this morning!  Since these are faith confessions that we are making and because faith is always current tense, I speak out the various promises of God as if they are happening right now!  This morning I came to the revelation of how many times I used the word “ARE” when confessing what the Word says Papa God is doing for Piper.

We always begin with Exodus 15:26 where we acknowledge by proclaiming and thanking Papa God that “You are Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals us” (See: Exodus 15:26) and then continue through many of the promises in the Old and New Testaments that declare what He is doing for the health of my wife.  It soon becomes obvious that Papa God is the God of positive action when it comes to the lives of His children who actively believe and take actions based on the truth of His Word.

We left that hospital feeling tired but yet greatly relieved, encouraged and at peace due to the good reports and advice we received from the medical professionals.  This morning I awoke still feeling a bit tired, but we quickly received the peace that came from the encouragement and advice we received from the Word of God that we spoke out.  I knew that the medical staff at the hospital would immediately take action when it came to the needs of my wife, just like I realized this morning all the actions that Papa has, is and will continue to take on our behalf when we place our active trust in Him.

We’ve been to this little hospital enough times now that I recognize and expect a certain process to occur when we walk in the door.  Although I admit, that I am still amazed at how fast they do it compared to the hospitals we visited back in California.  Once we got to the registration desk things began to happen.  We were quickly signed in, ushered to the initial examination room where the nurse was waiting for us and then accompanied to the treatment room that had just opened up where the medical staff immediately began the various applicable tests to determine Piper’s needs in order to commence the needed solution.

And that is exactly what I felt this morning when I realized all the activities that Papa God and His myriad of angels ARE doing for us every time we enter into His presence through the study, confession and corresponding actions of faith in Him and His Word.

Every time I humbly and hungrily enter into fellowship and communion with Him, I have learned to expect certain results because He is a God who loves to take action in behalf of those of us who actively believe! (See: Mark 16:17)

So what about you?  ARE you seeing Papa God and His Word taking action in response to your daily, diligent and consistent fellowship with Him and His Word?  Have a great week, and as you do, keep asking yourself… “Through my steps of active believing, am I EXPECTING Papa God and His Word to take action on my behalf?”

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