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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Object of My Faith...

According to Thayer’s Greek Definitions the word translated “heard” in Colossians 1:4 means “To be endowed with the faculty of hearing, not deaf; to attend to, to understand, and to perceive the sense of what is being said.”  For some reason that word has really triggered a lot of attention in me as I continue my study in Colossians.  Not only have I questioned what people hear coming through the words I speak, the attitude I carry about with me and my life in general, I also realized this morning that I get very frustrated when those I converse with seem unable to “perceive the sense of what is being said.”

Am I alone in this, or do any of you find this as an annoyance in your own life as well?  I have had a few responses to the sharing of my heart and emotions with others concerning my wife’s current battle with her health that have left me shocked, angry and almost in tears due to the insensitivity of their response.  But I have also learned a few things along the way.  In fact, something I read yesterday caused me to overflow with emotional compassion when I put it into the context of these folk’s words.

In bringing up the point that Paul told the church in Colossae that Jesus and His Word are the truth, the author of my new commentary on the book of Colossians stated that when we put our trust in Jesus we experience life.  He went on to say that “faith is only as good as the object in which a person puts his (or her) trust.  The true Christian believer has faith in Jesus Christ, and that faith is based on the Word of Truth.  Any other kind of faith is but superstition—and it cannot save.”  (“Be Complete” by Dr. Warren Wiersbe – chapter 2)

I uttered a verbal gasp at that statement when the reality of how individuals who have no hope in Jesus (in any particular situation) and the truth of His Word must feel when faced with a desperate dilemma.  Without Jesus they have no foundation, no hope and absolutely nothing to look forward to except death and destruction!  HOW AWFUL!
It has looked obvious to me (through their words and corresponding actions) that the objects of some folk’s faith (whether they realize it or not…) is in something other than Jesus and His Word.  For if it was, I believe that they would discern the foundation of faith in the Word that is being spoken and acted upon and “Hear” what was being said and answer accordingly.
The other – maybe more important - lesson I’ve learned was when I looked at my own history and realized how many times I have responded the same way to another’s words as I missed their point and blabbered on with my own (most likely incorrect) interpretation to their needs… and now determine to never do that again!

So my thought for this weekend is the idea of taking a self-inventory of the various areas of your life… ie; home, work, church, finances, etc… and see to what object you have attached your faith to in each of those places.  You know… you might just be surprised!  Have a great weekend, and as you do, keep asking yourself… “Am I expecting to find Jesus and His Word as the object in which I have attached my faith to in every area of my life?”

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