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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Product Support

One of the things I have learned through my experience upgrading my laptop’s operating system to Windows 10 has been to depend on quality product support from the various programs on my computer.  I noticed that I ran into problems when I tried to use unfamiliar websites/companies solutions when I needed to download the suggested fixes.  But every time I went directly to the program’s home site and followed their directions, I had success!
I’ve also learned that to be true in my Christian walk… and especially so during these last six years with the battle for my wife’s health!  With every decision we have had to make, we have endeavored to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness…”  (Matthew 6:33 MKJV)  In other words, we’ve learned through experience, that it is best to always go right to the product manufacturer for high quality and accurate results! 
In fact, we had predisposed to follow this course of action before we ever left Oklahoma to come back home and get a definitive understanding of the three different brain scans and other testing that Piper went through at the various Oklahoma State University hospital clinics.  From the very beginning, we sought to find out His will and plan for us with all the medical reports and corresponding suggestions for the best steps, medicines and procedures to follow, when researching potential available benefits to help with the costs, possible caretaking solutions and living arrangements.
As a student of the Word I am both fascinated and disheartened as I look back now and recall the various responses of other Christians we interacted with throughout those initial decision making times.  Some of the reactions were not at all what I expected!  My fascination comes in trying to understand how some would seem to immediately bypass their faith and trust in Papa God and His Word and put all their hope into what we considered to be haphazard procedures, medical practices, and financial courses of action solely based on worldly security or on that which they could only see with their natural senses.
My disheartenment comes from seeing them lose any hope for Piper’s healing, falling into depression, drifting away from us and failing to enjoy with us the daily little miracles we have been experiencing throughout this adventure in faith.   Since those early days, these same folks have occasionally mentioned that they are praying for us.  And you know… to be perfectly honest… I have to wonder what it is they are praying for as they have not been in agreement with us and our predetermined decision to follow the Lord and stay hooked up to Him and His Word (ie; His will for us).
Ephesians 1:12 in the God’s Word © translation gives us some insight into God’s plans for each of us.  It reads that “He planned all of this (ie, our history as stated in verse 10) so that we who had already focused our hope (or expectations) on Christ would praise him and give him glory.” 
Now I understand that in the context of Paul’s thoughts here, this is referring to those Jews who first accepted Christ, but I also see it as a type and shadow for those of us who purpose ahead of time to live our lives with the predetermined understanding that we will face every obstacle and/or mountain with Him, as we have already focused our expectations on Him and thereby will praise Him and give Him the glory for the results.
Have you made the predetermination to focus all of your earnest expectations on Him in your daily life?  So that when the negative attacks occur you will automatically seek first His kingdom and His ways of righteousness… no matter what anyone else says or does around you?  I’ve learned through the years that Papa God has the best product support … and customer service in the universe!  So when things happen, why NOT trust in the best?  Kinda of a “No-Brainer” wouldn’t you say? 
Have a great day.  Stay in tune to His Word, and keep asking yourself… “What or Who’s PRODUCT SUPPORT am I expecting to depend on when things begin to break down?”

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