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Our New Home
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

History in the Making!

My wife is not a very big individual.  Even with her go-to-meeting Sunday heels on, she barely stands at around 5’ 3”.  Since I have known her she has always been pretty slim and trim except for a short period of time when she went a little banana’s with the food and deserts at the dorm cafeteria when we attended college together.  Then after having the four kids shes had to work to keep the weight on!
I had bought her a couple pairs of new jogging pants the other day to replace some that she had more than got her money’s worth!  She’s always been very easy on her clothes and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the old fashioned cotton sweat pants we tossed had been around since our dating days!  Obviously she hardly wore them throughout the ensuing years when I dug them out of the back of one of drawers to help keep her warm at night.
Anyway… She had worn one of the new ones, a light red, form fitting Danskin terry jogging pant with a 3 inch elastic cuff that snug around her ankles, to bed last night.  When I gently pulled back the covers this morning and gazed upon her small stature, the new pants that sort of resembled children’s sleepers and her curled up position, I had to pause and chuckle for a few moments as she reminded me of the many times we would get our kids up when they were little tikes.  Then as I stood there enjoying the sight, I suddenly began to think that this is probably how Papa God sees us as a loving Father looking down upon His kids.
That thought felt like the first sip of hot coco or exquisite coffee on a cold winter morning.  I could just feel the warmth of Papa God’s love coursing throughout and over my wife and I in our bedroom with the morning rays of sunlight filtering through the barely opened blinds on the large picture window behind us.  I don’t know why… but the difficult times we’ve been through like the experiences of the night before when Piper was physically needing me to over-exert my already taxed wrists and knees in order to place her into the bed and my forced resolve as I declared when I left her side that “We will not be defeated and we will not quit!” all began to melt away in the midst of His glory and grace that seemed to fill the room.
My desire, ability and joyful strength to go on seemed to be recharged while my expectations of God’s best, as outlined in His Word, immediately pushed away any feeble attempts of fear and doubt.  I could not contain myself from looking Piper in the eye and sharing the scripture from Ephesians 1:10 that had pushed its remembrance into the forefront of my mind as I declared that “God has planned to bring all of our history to its goal in Christ.” (God’s Word © personalized)  Then I paused, thought for a moment and went on… “and He has NOT changed His mind.  He still plans for us to finish and/or complete the history that He wants written about the things that we are to accomplished as a couple… as His team… BEFORE we leave this earth and move on to the subsequent assignments He has also planned for us in eternity!”
What do you think about that?  God not only has our history planned… but YOURS as well!   And it is all to be accomplished “in Christ.”  Now is that exciting or what?  I would encourage YOU to take a little time away today from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine to think and pray about what history the Lord has planned for you to bring to its goal.  What will the history books of our future generations say about you?  Have a great day.  Stay in tune to His Word, and keep asking yourself… “What HISTORY am I expecting to bring to God’s goals today?”

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