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Our New Home
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It looks like we are in for a little strange weather ahead!  The last few days have been typical spring days that were absolutely beautiful.  Today we woke up to dark, dreary skies and the melodic sounds of the pitter-pater of rain drops against the windows.  I think our friend in South Africa sent her weather our way!  She had commented on Facebook about their cool, wet weather yesterday and I smugly wrote back of our sun shine!  I guess I won’t be so cavalier in my statements again… right Renate?(!)
And speaking of rain… Yesterday we spent a good part of the gorgeous afternoon sitting in the waiting room of our local Buick/GMC dealer as they repaired the mechanism on our passenger side rear window... just in the nick of time!  The window suddenly stopped going down a couple of years ago and to be honest, I always meant to get it fixed but forgot all about it as we never use it!  Well, the need came to the forefront last week after our visiting kids had returned to California.  I guess all the bouncing around in the back seat by the grandkids loosened something up.  Piper and I had come out for a walk a few days after they left and I noticed that the window was half way down. 
On closer inspection I realized that I could push it back up only to have it slide right back down again!  With my lightening quick mind I figured that this didn’t seem to be a good thing as far as security or for keeping out the spring rains.  So I called the dealership and made an appointment to finally get it fixed.
I think my Dad would have been proud at one of the comments the Service Technician made after he took a look at our car.  He returned to the office and declared, “It’s not too often that we see a brand new 2002 Buick Regal… in 2015!”  Even though he never drove the car, my Dad always referred to it as “his baby!”  He had given up driving about the time they purchased the car (at my Mom’s insistence, since her Dad drove a Buick!), but always made sure it was clean and shiny.  I guess that is where I caught the bug for shiny cars!  I was a little perturbed yesterday though, as I had quickly washed the car before the appointment, only to be disappointed when it was covered with a layer of yellow pollen about thirty minutes later!
Something else that happened yesterday was my inability to get my mind off the scripture in Luke 24:5.  The Bible in Basic English states the angel’s comment to the women who came to prepare Jesus’ body as “Why are you looking for the living among the dead.”  As I was kneeling at my wife’s side and speaking our healing verses over her as I normally do each morning and evening, I had the thought that we were going to the life giving Word of God in order to bring His promised healing and new life to my lovely wife!
Then I recalled how we had immediately gone to the source of life as soon as we received the official diagnoses of what we were facing.  It was the first thing that came to mind!  After all… Why look for life among things that can’t bring life?  I’m sure that it didn’t hurt that we had just returned from Oklahoma where we spent three years saturated in the Word as part of a large church community of faith-filled believers and had attended a Bible College that emphasizes faith!
Gee… you think Papa God had that one planned?  Looking at it from that perspective gives me some insight as to why some folks back home who hadn’t had the same experience as us, didn’t immediately go with us to THE place of life instead of first turning to physical solutions.  I believe that Luke 24:5 really establishes a pattern for us Christians to follow.  It is a great question to ask yourself whenever you are faced with a sticky situation that requires action on your part.  It encourages us to ask where we will go for the answer.  Will we follow the world’s way and go looking among the dead things that the natural presents as the only set of solutions for life?  Or run to the very source of life Himself?
John 1:4 gives us a good hint at which way to go.  Here the Apostle of love declares: “In him (Jesus the Word of God – John 1:1) was life and the life was the light of men (Jesus who came to give us this life - John 10:10).”  Hummm… doesn’t take too much to see the better way to go, does it?  Besides, I would much rather be around things that brighten and encourage and bring light and life to my day.  And I bet you would too!  Have a great day (whether it is raining or sunny outside!).  Stay in tune to His Word, and keep asking yourself… “What or Who’s LIFE am I expecting to fill myself up with today?”

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