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Monday, February 9, 2015

Dealing With Fear?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  My wife used to despise the term “weekend” because she felt that the phrase implied that you’re confessing a weak-end to your week!  If you are one who puts any importance on your words… then her philosophy makes sense!  And I have to say, that after spending the last forty-five years with this special gal that I have come to realize that most of what I call her “Piperisms” ring true!  (I’ve always wanted her to write a book called “Piper’s Proverbs!”)
This has actually been the case for us over the last few weekends!  Saturday’s and Sunday’s have found me quite wiped-out and praying for the enthusiasm and energy needed to complete my daily responsibilities!  Adding a tired Piper to that mix makes for an interesting set of circumstances!  But God is good and the end of the day usually finds us stronger than the beginning!
True to form, yesterday was no different and an on and off again, mostly sleepless night added to my somewhat spacey state of mind.  After breakfast and a walk around our neighborhood, we hopped in the Mustang and headed out for a drive in the countryside.  I figured that getting out in our new, fun car would help our outlook.  And you know… it did.  As soon as we reached our initial destination, I pulled over and decided to risk it all and enjoy the practically 70 degree weather and took the top down! 
I am still at awe at how simple that task is compared to my old MG.  In our little English sports car we had to manually fold the top, disconnect it from the car and then physically manhandle it into the trunk!  Now all it takes is the push of a button!  Talk about being spoiled!  Well, as you might expect, it was fantastic!  I think that Piper even had a good time! 
After we returned home, I thought that I probably enjoy the top off so much because I just love the great outdoors and being as close to nature as I can!  I guess it’s an easy substitute for camping up in the mountains!  As I thought about this, I glanced over at a series of framed pictures I have on the wall above the couch of Piper’s and my last camping adventure.  While I wistfully remembered our fun time I suddenly shouted out to Piper, “Do you realize that it’s been ten years since we last went camping!”  Wow, that was a shock!  But I also told her that I am positive that we’ll go many times again in the near future!
That positive statement of faith implies victory over the current situation we are dealing with concerning my wife’s health and is based on scriptures like those I studied this morning.  II Timothy 1:7 tells us in no uncertain terms that “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” (MKJV)
In my tired state as I helped my wife to bed on Saturday evening, I noticed that I was dealing with some fear over what events the night ahead might present to us.  There had been certain physical reactions with what my wife is fighting that have been coming up a lot over the last week and I was not too excited about another similar night!  When I tucked her in I heard that small still voice deep inside me say “remember, I haven’t given you the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.”
That reminder made me stop and consider the fear I was dealing with.  As I focused on it, I realized that God has absolutely nothing to do with fear!  He does not lead us with it, He does not use it as a tool to teach us through it, nor does He want us to have anything to do with it!  His ways are power, love and a sound mind and they are the characteristics that He desires for us to embrace as we face the various situations throughout our daily lives!
Papa God’s encouragement that night gave me a completely different outlook on the upcoming night’s events, and even though it wasn’t as smooth as I would have preferred, I went through the night with an attitude that was steadfastly anchored on God’s power, His abundant love for me and the ability to keep a sound mind throughout it all!  I may have been tired in the morning, but I wasn’t defeated nor upset!  Then we had the ride in the country that literally blew any frustrations into the wind!
What is your attitude right now?  Are you dealing with any fear or “dread” as the Apostolic Bible Polyglot interlinear Septuagint and Greek translation New Testament puts it?  If you are, then you’re straying from the way Papa God want you to handle your life.  His desire is for you to seek and trust in Him so that you face your daily life within the parameters of His power, love and a sound mind!  Sounds like a winning combination to me… what do you think?  Have a great and triumphant week – with a strong ending (or “Strong Beginnings” as my lovely wife would say…)!  Stay in tune to His Word, and keep asking yourself… “What am I expecting today?”

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