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Friday, November 7, 2014

What If?

Late last week I was scratching the dog under her right ear when I discovered a lump that was not there before.  Since it seemed to be a free floating mass, I was not too concerned as our last dog, a beautiful sable Sheltie, had also developed some round fatty growths that were deemed as not being a problem.  Nevertheless, I figured that I would set up an appointment at the Vet especially since she was coming due on a couple of her yearly tests.
Over the weekend I was having a little bit of a tough time and found myself beginning to give into worry over the dog’s health.  The thought of losing her at this point in my life, could be very difficult to deal with!  Like a good trooper though, I continued to put that scenario into God’s hands and kept refocusing my imagination on the truth of God’s Word.
Well wouldn’t you know… on Wednesday the appointment at the Vet went off without a hitch.  The growth turned out to be a benign cyst filled with liquid that the Doctor drained and told us not to worry about!  Her other tests also came out fine, so once again I was a happy camper!  The Vet did suggest that we have what she termed as a senior blood panel taken on Mandie so that they could get a baseline on her health as she enters into her senior years.  I agreed to the procedure and in a few moments and almost $400.00 later we walked out to our car with Mandie in tow looking as if she was very relieved that everything was over!
By the time we got home (which is literally right around the block) my mind was being bombarded with the “What Ifs!”  (I bet you NEVER had any of those attacks!)  “What If” something shows up in the test… remember Jim, she wasn’t too excited about her breakfast this morning… something is wrong… something has to be wrong!
But once again, I like most of you, have been there and heard the lies of the devil that he tries to get us to dwell on.  I choose right then and there that I was not going to allow him the privilege of upsetting me!  In the Old Testament God told those who actively believed in Him and obeyed His Word, that He would bless everything and everyone in their households… including their flocks.  Well I consider my pooch as part of our “flock” and thanked the Lord for His protection over our dog and with that I put the matter to rest.
This morning as I completed my study time and stood up from the kitchen table to head toward my wife in the bedroom, I noticed that I had a voice mail message.  It was a local call that was made before 8:00 AM.  When I played it back I heard the voice of one of the Tech’s from Mandie’s Vet’s office telling me that all the tests from her blood work had come out negative!  And even though I had given it all to Papa God a couple of days ago, I still found myself getting teary eyed and thankful to our good God for His love and faithfulness toward us in anything that is important to us… including our pets!  With that I had to go over to the dog who was asleep on “her chair” in the living room and deliver the good news!
In Philippians 4:8 the Apostle Paul wisely instructs us concerning the way to walk in Godly peace to “keep your thoughts on whatever is right or deserves praise: things that are true, honorable, fair, pure, acceptable or commendable.” (God’s Word ©)  The King James Version substitutes the words “lovely” in place of “acceptable” and “are of good report” for “commendable.” 
I personally like the thought of receiving “good reports” from our obedience to God’s Word.  When I read the Word I find myself dwelling on the “good reports” of the good things and/or promises that Papa God has for you and me!  I read the “good reports” of God’s will concerning His provision of her healing through Jesus’ finished work of the cross to my wife throughout each day.  Proverbs 15:30 tells us that His “good report” or “good news refreshes the body.” (KJV/God’s Word ©)
Remember also that Paul told the Philippians to keep their thoughts, among other things, “on whatsoever things are lovely.”  That word lovely describes things that are winsome or according to Dictionary.com, things that make us winners.  God’s Word is the source of the “good reports” that make us win in the various circumstances of our lives!  So when you’re faced with a bad report, or the enemy of our souls tries to get you to dwell on the “What If” things go wrong scenario, I strongly suggest that you immediately get your mind wrapped around the “good and winning reports” found only in God’s Word!
Sounds like a winning plan to me.  What do you think?  I challenge you to keep that in mind this weekend and enjoy life as Papa God desires you to do!  Stay in tune and harmony to His Word, and keep asking yourself… “What or Who’s Good Report am I expecting to listen to today?”

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