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Friday, January 15, 2016

"Man Up!" - Discovering the "Why's" of Life

Over the last few years I have had countless healthcare workers and other concerned individuals ask me if I have help to stay with my wife when I have to out.  My normal reply is yes, my daughter helps me when needed, but I usually take Piper with me everywhere I go.  I made up my mind at the beginning of this journey that I was going to do everything I could to keep our life as normal as possible and that I wanted to be able to take Piper out and about around other people so as to keep her in the midst of outside stimuli and therefore as sharp and alert as possible.
Throughout the process I have had to learn a few things (usually by trial and error) concerning the ability and functionality of transporting her in different locations, around folks who are not comfortable with people with special needs, and in various weather conditions.  Certain tasks like taking her grocery shopping with me have become almost second nature… well almost…
Yesterday as we navigated the aisles in the pharmacy section of the Super Walmart in our new hometown, I was pushing Piper in her chair in front of me with one hand and pulling a cart behind us with the other, when I veered to the right in order make room for an elderly lady to pass by us.  I smiled to the lady, who ignored us, and then continued to move forward only to have the front right wheel of the cart catch the corner of a side cap display of finger nail polish.  Well… you guessed it!  It came crashing down with a very loud boom and the sound of glass bottles hitting the floor and rolling all over the place!
Then to make matters even more embarrassing, a female voice comes projecting from a few aisles away yelling out… “Are you okay?”  So with a crowd congregating to check out the damage, I cleared my throat and muttered… “Yeah, we’re okay… just embarrassed!”  I am thankful that the female employee who came over to take charge laughed when she saw the mess and caught my red-faced complexion and told me not to worry that she would take care of it!  I even got to crack a smile at the sight of the little old lady we were trying to avoid suddenly became animate and very conversational as she got down on her knees to help pick up little bottles with glee!
Now that experience doesn’t really have much to do with the subject of today’s post except for the fact that I am sure that the Lord’s hand was in the midst of that embarrassing situation helping me to get through it with a little bit of dignity!  I hate to say it… but I think having my wife in a wheelchair elicited some quick forgiveness and understanding in the eyes of the crowd that encircled us!
But my point for today’s post is the knowledge that Papa God always has an answer for us when we come to Him in His Word and prayer.  I’ve always been kind of a “Why?” individual, but nothing like I have become over the last six or seven years.  From the moment we finally got a firm diagnosis of Piper’s situation, I became sort of a fanatic in seeking the “Why’s” and “How’s” of everything about the disease as well as with everything we needed to do medically, financially, physically and most of all… spiritually!
Some of the hardest questions that I have been painstakingly praying about and poring over in His Word have been in the arena of social interactions with others in the face of Piper’s very visible needs.  It is something that I have to deal with almost every time we go out in public and privately with loved ones.  “But I thank God, who always leads us in victory because of Christ…!” (2 Corinthians 2:14 God’s Word ©) Over the years since we left Oklahoma in 2009 the Lord has given me bits and pieces to the puzzle through a variety of scriptures during my daily study times in the still quiet of the mornings when I am alone with and totally focused on Him.
Recently He folded back another layer of 2 Corinthians 2:14-17 to me and showed me what I have now come to realize as the three different outlooks that normally come up when we step out in faith in obedience to His individual directions for us.  It is so simple, I am surprised that I never saw it before!  Those three outlooks are described in this portion of scripture as “Ours,” “His” and “Others!”  This revelation gave me instant understanding, peace, a jig of joy and better equipment to successfully walk in my growing attitude of forgiveness.
I will spend next week discussing my newfound freedom descriptor’s, but for now, just let me encourage you in your seeking of Godly wisdom for the needs and various situations that arise in your life!  Whether it be an embarrassing situation right in the middle of a crowed Walmart, something that unexpectantly comes up at work or a seeming impossible situation within your family, always KNOW that Papa God is on your side, has your back and has the answers that you need!  It may take some effort of diligence on your behalf as you set time apart to seek Him in prayer and through the pages of your Bible, but the answer, the peace, the dance of joy and the better equipping of you to do what needs to be done is always there for the taking!
Have a great weekend.  Keep a joyful countenance and keep asking yourself… “What ANSWERS am I expecting from Him today?”

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