Our New Home

Our New Home
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Friday, October 2, 2015

3:00 AM and Barf under the bed!

This whole week has been more than just a little crazy for me!  We have been working diligently to schedule and discern the various home inspections that need to be completed before the “Due Diligence Time” in which we and/or the sellers investigate and repair any problem areas within the home, the property and what seems like a zillion other things, is over.  For us that date is October 19th.
Complicating the process is the impending hurricane that is threatening to make land fall on the eastern seaboard over the weekend!  It already has been raining here for over a week and looks to continue into the beginning of next.  It was actually kind of funny yesterday as we needed to take the dog to the Vet for a follow up appointment in the midst of the rain.  Attempting to get my wife out of the car and quickly into her chair with the rain coming down and the dog pulling on her lease in an opposite direction must have been quite a scene for those driving past!
Let’s just say that it has been a busy week for us.  I have also continued to have the need to minister to Piper’s needs a few times each night, so sleep has also been a fleeting friend!  Last night seemed to be going well until the dog suddenly needed to go out at 3:00 AM.  When she got back in, she snuggled under the bed on Piper’s side and all was well until about an hour later when she started gaging under the bed!  So… there I am reaching under the bed trying to get her to move to the hallway and the faux wood flooring so as not to stain the carpets a few weeks before we move out!
Well, I wasn’t successful and I found myself trying to clean up the mess… stretching under the bed for I am not as small as the dog to fit under it… without disturbing my quietly sleeping wife!  Then it seemed like I just fell asleep again when the process started over and I leaped from the bed and grabbed the pooch before she could get under the bed once more.  That effort was successful but she still emptied her stomach on the light brown carpet!
By then I had it and the self-pity attack was primed and ready to explode!  With towel in hand, on bended knee, I began to clean and could only say: “Why… Why Lord?  What is happening here?  I’ve got so much going on right now… I NEED MY SLEEP!!!” 
But again… that’s as far as I got when I quickly discerned where this attack was coming from.  Sure the circumstances stunk… in more ways than one… and seemed to be WAY opposite to the Word of God that we have been standing on… But I quickly swallowed hard, pushed through the frustration… okay… a little bit of anger mixed in with it… and simply began to praise the Lord for His goodness, for His faithfulness, and for His love for Piper and I.  In fact, my anger toward the situation at hand turned into righteous indignation toward the enemy of our souls, and I found myself digging in and focusing on the Word even more than I had earlier in the day when things seemed to be clicking with well-coordinated synchronization.
Finally the intensity of the way I was feeling began to subside and I was able to clean up the spots on the rug leaving no discernable stain, washed up and hit the sack again.  And throughout this whole time and the rest of the night, Piper slept comfortably and never made a noise.  In fact, I actually got up a couple of times to make sure she was okay!  Then I fell into a deep sleep and the next thing I knew it was 9:00 AM!
As I reflected on all this at breakfast, I could not help but think about Jesus’ words to us in John 14:27 where He said, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (KJV)  I bolded out the phrases “Let not” and “Neither let” for a good reason, as His peace in, for and through us is dependent upon US taking those actions!
I could have had a real anger and fear fest last night if I had chosen so… but thank God, I didn’t.  The pressure of the situation was quickly curtailed and He (and I) got the victory when I controlled my emotionally charged thoughts and words and re-focused my attention of the truth of God’s Word that we have been standing on… instead of what was unfolding before me… at 3:00 AM on a dark, rainy and windy night!
You know… His peace will ALWAYS prevail… if we let it!  Have you ever experienced that phenomenon?  What choice will you make the next time things seem to be spiraling out of control around you?  According to Jesus… the choice is TOTALLY up to you!  Have a great and peaceful weekend.  Stay in tune to His Word, and keep asking yourself… “What or in Whom am I expecting to choose my peace today?”

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