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Our New Home
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Written Account of Your History...

I was startled awake around six this morning by the sound thunder booming and cracking outside and rain beating against our bedroom window.  I was a little surprised because I had not seen it forecast in the weather report for the day when I checked it last night.  But I have begun to realize that things can blow in rather quickly around these parts!  As I listened to the commotion outside, I found myself enjoying the moment.  I did a quick survey of my senses and noticed that I was at peace and found the storm to be comforting and inducing to my continued rest until it was time to rise and shine in a few hours.
My pleasure with the storm reminded me of a recent conversation that I had with our youngest daughter who lives in Oklahoma.  They had just gone through a week of inclement weather with lots of thunderstorms and she told of how she also enjoys a good thunder pumper to the point that she loves to watch the activity from their porch in order to view the light show in the skies.  The house that we first lived in when we moved to Oklahoma had a large covered porch and Piper and I used to sit outside during the multitudes of thunder storms they have and enjoy the sights as well!  This might be because we have little such weather in our home area in northern California!
Our perspective of these fierce storms as being something interesting, awe-inspiring and fun to watch is similar to seeing the world through the eyes of Jesus’ perspective in this life.  Not that tough times are fun but as we yield to what the Word says about the outcome of such trials, it can bring us a sense of interest, awe and pleasure in the knowledge of Jesus’ overwhelming care and love for us.
A section in Ephesians chapter one caught my undivided attention this morning.  Beginning in verse six, Paul talks about the Good News that is present with us now, the knowledge of God’s grace and kindness that it brings to us, the blood of Jesus by which Papa God used to forgive us of all our failures and the revelation of the mystery of His plan for us through Jesus’ finished work on the cross.  Then the Apostle made a startling statement in verse ten.
The God’s Word © translation says that “He planned to bring all of (our) history to its goal in Christ.”  Putting it that way really made me stop and think as I sat at our kitchen table earlier today.  If what Paul said is true… and I have no reason to be led any other way as it is the Word of God and Psalm 119:160 unequivocally informs us that “There is nothing but truth in your word…” (God’s Word ©), then your history as well as mine will come to the goal Papa God has planned for us by and through our trust in Jesus and His Word!  Need I say anymore concerning the idea of making God’s perspective to be YOUR perspective?
I have come to trust in the Good News, the good report that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings to me.  When it comes down to my wife’s future, it is the ONLY thing that helps me to get up in the morning with an expectant and genuine smile on my face.  When I am extremely tired at the end of the day and she is weak and needs my physical attention to assist her into bed, I depend on the continual kindness or grace of the Lord to empower me to suck it up and push through my needs in order to meet hers. 
It is His good report that gives me the ability to get past “that look” that many folks have on their face when they see my lovely wife in her chair as we pass them on the street or in the store.  Believe me, it can be difficult when I consider that in times past most people would smile when they looked upon her normally outgoing, cheerful and encouraging countenance!  But His perspective on her situation assures me that those smiles will occur again as the promises of His Word to her in Job 33:24-25 come forth and “she shall return as unto the (spunky) days of her youth!” (personalized KJV)
Do you believe His Word concerning the fulfillment of your life’s history?  It is pretty clearly stated in His book of truth.  All you have to do is to believe it, accept it for yourself and then set your steps and your confessions to align with it!  When you think about it… Your history has already been written.  So get the book and find out what it is!  Have a great day.  Stay in tune to His Word and keep asking yourself… “What or Who’s Word am I expecting to believe as the truth today?”

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