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Our New Home
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Unleash the POWER!

I hope that all of you had a good weekend!  We had some beautiful weather that is supposed to stick around for about a week or so.  We went out in the Mustang on Saturday using the excuse of checking out some unchartered areas north of us, just past the turnoff to our daughter’s home.  At one point I was forced to pull over and put up the top as we came into some dark cloud cover and began to feel a few sprinkles!  It turned out to be somewhat of a false alarm as that was all that the rapidly moving front produced!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights were a bit on the rough side though.  It wasn’t really caused by anything major, but little things like a restless dog licking my face, Piper dealing with allergy symptoms and some concerns that tended to blow up into a storm in my mind's eye!
I may have mentioned a conversation I had with one of the maintenance crew members a month or so ago.  I was washing the car and he told me to get used to the pollen season that occurs throughout the spring months.  After that I became more aware of the yellow film that seemed to coat everything outside our front door!  Then one afternoon I noticed that it was also coating our hardwood floors near the patio.  Since then I have attempted to keep things free from the yellow scourge as I reasoned that this might be the cause of Piper’s allergy symptoms every night.  I also started vacuuming our bedroom rug every night before retiring which has seemed to help, but I forgot on Saturday evening and I paid the price for it! 
In all three nights I found myself getting up, a little begrudgingly I might add, to take care of the various needs.  Like I said before, last night it was a restless dog that wanted my attention.  The dog is so sensitive to Piper’s needs that when she gets that way my first concern is that she is trying to tell me something about Piper!  (which wasn’t the case last night)  So at about 3:00 this morning I stood in the darkened bedroom and looked heavenward and started to say, “Lord I’ve done all I know to do, I don’t know what else…” and He cut me off!
I can’t say that I actually heard a voice, but I definitely felt something and sensed the Lord telling me to relax because He knew what to do!  Then I began to think of the Word that we have been speaking over and into Piper and recalled the prayers I had prayed earlier that very night while kneeling at my wife’s side.  It was like the time Jesus answered Thomas’ confusion telling him that “I am the way, the truth, and the life…”
So with that information, I began to speak out some of the scriptures that were pertinent to the situation and to pray in the Spirit.  Next thing I knew I had that peace of “God that surpasses all understanding” (Philippians 4:7 MKJV) and I went back to bed and suddenly it was around 8:00 AM and time to get up!
This morning as I reviewed the story of Jesus’ interaction with Thomas in John 14:6, I was reminded of Papa God’s Old Testament interaction with Moses.  Jesus’ answer to Thomas was almost identical to His father’s words to the great prophet.  Papa God basically told an anxious Moses to relax because “I AM THAT I AM”  (Exodus 3:14 KJV)  Then He told Moses exactly what to say and what to do.  That’s also what Jesus did when He informed Thomas that He was “the way, the truth and the life!”
John Wesley in his Explanatory Notes described the purpose of God’s declaration to Moses in three steps.  First that He is self-existent and therefore self-sufficient.  Secondly that He is eternal and unchanging and thirdly that He is faithful and true to all His promises, unchangeable in His words as well as in His nature and not a man that He should lie.
It would seem that Jesus was establishing the realization of that same truth for the New Covenant age that He was preparing them for and would establish and seal with His blood.  That is the same New Covenant that you and I live under today!  As I was reminded at 3:00 in the morning today, Jesus is still our way, our truth and our life!  Hebrews 13:8 also confirms that God is as unchangeable and the same as He was in Moses time as He is in ours!  He is still the One that works with and confirms His Word with miraculous signs! (See Jeremiah 1:12 and Mark 16:20)
And He is still telling us to stop trying to figure things out within the limited confines of our natural understandings, as He told both Moses and Thomas!  I believe that He is imploring us today to let Him be God.  To allow Him to unleash His power in our daily lives through our expectant faith in Him, in His abilities and through His Word!  To be more than conquerors in everything that comes against us through Him who loved us! (See: Romans 8:37)
Whew!  I just preached myself happy!  How ‘bout you?  Have a victorious week.  Stay in tune to His Word and keep asking yourself… “What or Who’s POWER and TRUTH am I expecting to unleash into my life today?”

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