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Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday - the Third Week of Advent

I had a conversation with a relative of Piper’s over the weekend.  It became very evident within a few minutes of the phone call that this individual was not very expectant of things getting any better in the life of her and her husband.  They are advanced in years and have been dealing with a variety of medical conditions that continue to worsen as time goes by.  With sayings like “Well, life is what it is” and “We’re just living with it,” I knew that they were not in faith for their situation.  It was clear that they were living by sight and not according to faith in God’s Word of truth! (See 2 Corinthians 5:7)
So under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I uplifted the conversation into the realm of the Spirit by stating that “You know, God is able to work in your life just as He is doing in Piper’s and mine.”  And you know… It was like a cold drink on a hot day as her whole attitude instantly changed and she began to talk about the goodness of the Lord!  By the time we hung up she was sounding encouraged and expectant of her heavenly Father’s hand upon them.
I have mentioned this many times before and it is worth repeating.  I am always blessed by Senior Citizens who are excited about life!  Maybe it is my upbringing as my Mom and her sister were always positive, in tune to present times and excited about each day in their lives!  Both of them were expectant pray-ers and looked forward to everything from the events in the lives of their children and grandchildren (& great grandkids!), to what the evening dinner feast was going to be!
Today’s Advent reading tells a story of two such Senior Citizens and the expectancy they had in life as they waited to see the  salvation of Israel born on this earth.  A little bit of math will tell you that Anna was beyond 100 years old at the time of Jesus’ birth and that her expectancy of God’s promises had not failed to give her strength, purpose and excitement for each new day.  Is this the expectancy that you have for each of the days of your life?  If not, then maybe today’s story will give you the boost needed to move you into the realm of expectancy of God’s best for your life!

Senior Citizens
Monday, the third week of Advent
Today’s Readings:  Isaiah 49:6/ Luke 2:21-38 / I Peter 2: 3-8

Many years ago there was an older man who was on the board of directors of our church.  He was a deeply spiritual man and the presence of the Lord just seemed to radiate from him.  It was the Pastor’s custom near the beginning of each monthly board meeting to ask each member if they had anything that they wanted to share.  Brother Chester always had a word that normally turned into a 15-30 minute sermon where he would share a bit of insight on something that the Lord had taught him over the years.
While some of the board members would grow impatient or raise an eyebrow as he started talking in his slow country drawl, I would find myself expectantly poised with pencil in hand; ready to record the gems that he was about to share.  There was just something special about this unique Senior Citizen. He could have been anybody’s grandfather with his snow white hair and easy going personality.  But this kindly gentlemen KNEW God!  When he spoke you had the instant understanding that he spent a lot of time in the presence of God!  When he spoke at our meetings concerning a need or situation that the church was facing you knew that he had, in common vernacular, “Been there, done that and won the tee-shirt!”
When I saw Chester, I saw the love of God in action!  I had the honor of officiating at this special man of God’s graveside service when he passed on into glory.  It was a wonderful day as everyone there was exuberant about his life and his new residence at home with our heavenly Father.  I still have the notes from that service, and in fact, carry them around with me in my notebook that I use every day!
Today’s section in our continuing look at the original story of Christmas brings to my remembrance the qualities that my older friend possessed and freely shared with those around him.  As Joseph and Mary came into the temple in order to complete the requirements of presenting their first born son to the Lord, they were met by two special Senior Citizens.  Both Simeon and Anna radiated the love of God in their lives.  They were two individuals who loved the Lord with all their hearts.  The writer also makes it clear that they, like Chester, KNEW the Lord.
As Jesus came to be a comfort to all of those who would accept Him, Simeon and Anna must have been a great comfort to Joseph and Mary as they began the very important call that had been thrust upon their lives.  To me it would be similar to the comfort that loving, caring and understanding grandparents impart to their grandchildren.  And once again, Joseph and Mary discovered two more saintly people who knew and understood the task that lay before them.
The excitement that Simeon and Anna must have felt at that defining moment in their lives is quite evident by the words that they spoke that day.  They had waited their whole lives for this time, and finally it was upon them.  Both of them were content that they could now pass on into glory, for as Simeon joyously declared, “my eyes have seen your salvation which You have prepared before the face of all peoples.” (Luke 2:30-31 NKJV)
My desire is to be like Simeon, Anna and my old friend Chester.  To live a life filled with expectancy in seeing the promises of God coming to pass in my life, as well as in the lives of those around me.  I want to KNOW God as these unique Senior Citizens did.  When I walk into a room I desire that those there will sense the presence of God and then hunger and thirst after the righteousness that only Jesus can satisfy them with.  I want my life to be an open book that shares the goodness, the faithfulness and the non-judgmental love of God to all I touch.  How about you?
As you study the interactions of Joseph, Mary, Jesus, Simeon and Anna today, I would encourage you to allow the joy and long simmering expectancy that radiated in that temple court to attach itself to you. Then take it, develop it in you and spread it throughout your world in the coming New Year!  You might even want to take a clean sheet of paper and write across the top: “What am I expecting this New Year?”  Then attach the paper to your refrigerator door and jot down whatever comes to your heart throughout the remainder of this month.  And then when January arrives, you’ll have your personal goal sheet for the next year!  Have a great week.  Stay in tune to His word, and keep asking yourself… “What am I expecting today?”

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